School Visits

memoir workshopI have two years of formal classroom experience, and genuinely enjoy the opportunity to speak with students. I offer two different types of sessions. Check out the details for each below.

Classroom and Library Visits
I am happy to come and have an informal question and answer session with students regarding Rapture Practice, and writing in general. We’ll also talk about the differences between fiction and nonfiction, and dig into the concept of writing a memoir as interest and time permit.

There’s a Story in My Locker Click here to download a PDF Flyer about the workshop.
Do your students tell you they don’t have anything to write about? I am a firm believer that some of the most incredible stories can often be found in the house next door, or in one’s very own memory.

This hands-on workshop gives teen writers the chance to flex their memoir muscles and tell a story from real life. We’ll look at compelling examples of narrative nonfiction, and identify the elements of good writing that can turn a seemingly mundane incident into a riveting, hilarious, or deeply emotional event on the page. We’ll also talk about how to arrange facts to create a uniquely textured personal essay, and why finding one’s authentic voice is essential.

This workshop is designed to give students an appetite for narrative nonfiction. More importantly, it will give them the tools to start telling their own stories, and help them understand why it’s so important they do.